Field Notes

A mural for baby boy Weiwei and all the other village children like him.

On this beautiful fall day in remote China, little Weiwei was just happy to be going out for a walk […]

An image of happiness and hope to inspire Hong Kong children.

“A seed of imagination and healthy growth for my home town.” – artist Wing Long time OneSky friend, Hong Kong-born […]

These teachers couldn’t open their classrooms, so they opened their hearts to the community instead

Da Nang is bearing the brunt of Vietnam’s Covid-19 second wave, but this is a brave, proud community that refuses […]

Inspired by our heroes but OneSky’s Covid-19 challenges are growing

Every single day, stories circulate within OneSky of colleagues fighting so hard to beat the many and varied problems prompted […]

“We’re so lucky to have each other – it breaks my heart that many children don’t have the joy of family love.”

Meet the Fratzscher family, whose links to OneSky run deep. At the heart of it is the belief that all […]

GALLERY: For vulnerable kids in a troubled world splashing takes away the worries

They’re kids born with so very little, but a few bowls of water were all they needed for the happiest […]

Outbreak reaches the Vietnam factory zone served by OneSky Early Learning Center

Vietnam has reported Covid-19 cases in Da Nang’s four industrial parks, including Hoa Khanh where OneSky’s Early Learning Center (ELC) […]

Da Nang outbreak prompts school closures – including OneSky’s Early Learning Center

Schools close in central Vietnam city as 99 days without Covid-19 transmission ends.  The Vietnamese Government announced on July 26 […]

“I’ve been a teacher for ten years – this was the most special day.”

When OneSky’s Early Learning Center (ELC) was closed back in February as part of Vietnam’s pandemic prevention, teachers and parents […]

Even before social distancing, Hong Kong kids needed more safe space

By Vicky Chan, architect, P. C. Lee OneSky Global Centre for Early Childhood Development In 2018, when my son was […]