WenJing Learns Patience & Scarf-Knitting

Wenjing, a 15-year old girl in our Youth Services program, attends our art classes and is a skilled young lady […]

Feihong, a Confident Girl

When I first met Feihong, she was a small, helpless baby, but in the last two years, I have watched […]

Xingshuo, a Sketching Genius

Meet Xingshuo, our ‘Sketching Genius!’ Xingshuo joined our Youth Services Program in 2011 and it was clear from the start […]

A Loving Daughter

When Ma ChunXue became a dad at our Family Village in Changchun, he knew his three children, especially his daughter […]

Children’s Day In Chongqing

To celebrate Children’s Day, our Family Village families in Chongqing gathered for a lively performance. The main hall was all […]