Feihong, a Confident Girl

When I first met Feihong, she was a small, helpless baby, but in the last two years, I have watched her blossom into a self-assured little girl who seems to have me wrapped around her little finger.

It started when she was 14 months old. Every time I gave Feihong a toy that she was eyeing in the toy room, she would giggle, do a little dance of joy, and come give me a big hug. She melted my heart.

At 20 months, when Feihong saw me holding a comb, she came and sat in front of me, gave me a giant smile, and lowered her head. I knew exactly what she wanted, so I braided her hair. She wore it proudly all day and at the end of the day, she pulled the rubber band off and gave it back to me. I knew she trusted me to hold onto it until the next day.

And at 22 months, when she could walk easily, I noticed that she would often leave the playroom and go into the hallway to look at the photos on the walls. But instead of asking her to come back into the playroom, I would often take the time to go look at these pictures with her.

Now, she is two and a half and I love watching her from a distance when she is playing outside with her friends. She is such a confident little girl and this makes me happy because I know I have done my job well!