Happy New Year of the Ox!

Happy Year of the Ox from OneSky on Vimeo.

Lessons for the Year of Ox – on being apart, yet more together than ever

We all learned many lessons in 2020. Lessons such as patience and resilience and the importance of family. Lessons that, […]

The Year of the Ox in China – giving everything for children born with nothing

Considering the challenges of 2020, the fact that our team can look forward to the Year of the Ox with […]

An inspiring space and community in a time of social distancing in Hong Kong

The cruelest irony of 2020 was that more families needed help than ever before and yet social distancing kept people […]

Into the Year of the Ox – OneSky under canvas in Mongolia

For fragile families in Ulaanbaatar, the Lunar New Year symbolizes the coming of spring and the re-awakening of nature, writes […]

Year of the Ox – we’ll keep learning and fighting for Vietnam’s children

Living and working in a factory zone while helping the children of locally employed rural migrants  — the pandemic reminds […]