JiWang’s Change, My Greatest Comfort

I am the foster mother of Changzhou CWI Family Village NO.5 Family. Chang JiWang, who is six years old now, […]

A Brave Girl

When I first met LeLe, I entered the nursery room and saw her sitting on a mat, playing with her […]

Under the Splendid Sunshine

ShunSheng was sent to our program in 2010. He was very afraid of the strange new environment and people when […]

MengXuan (“XuanXuan”)

When MengXuan (“XuanXuan”) sees me come into the infant room, she murmurs “um, um” and raises her hands, asking for […]

QiaoLing’s Story

QiaoLing is a five years old girl and came to CCH in early February, with special needs of spina bifida […]

HanXiao, Happy and Courageous Girl

Han Xiao is almost two and a half years old. She is suffering from congenital blood without hematopoiesis function. She […]

The Safest Place in the World

When one-month-old DongLi came from the JiuJiang Welfare Institution to the China Care Home, she was immediately taken to the […]

Touching the Bottom of Each Child’s Heart

At one time, I thought the idea that you could turn into a butterfly was only a fairy tale. Six […]

MengWei (“WeiWei”)

When I first met WeiWei, she was lying in her crib. When I called her name, she looked around and […]