Da Nang outbreak prompts school closures – including OneSky’s Early Learning Center

Schools close in central Vietnam city as 99 days without Covid-19 transmission ends.  The Vietnamese Government announced on July 26 […]

“I’ve been a teacher for ten years – this was the most special day.”

When OneSky’s Early Learning Center (ELC) was closed back in February as part of Vietnam’s pandemic prevention, teachers and parents […]

Even before social distancing, Hong Kong kids needed more safe space

By Vicky Chan, architect, P. C. Lee OneSky Global Centre for Early Childhood Development In 2018, when my son was […]

In A Year Like No Other, Your Support has Been Inspirational

As the world struggles with the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic, the immediate and long-term economic and social impacts on […]

Coronavirus Leaves Children Vulnerable in Mongolia

Daily life for Mongolian children presents numerous challenges from malnutrition, poor sanitation and hygiene, to childhood stunting. Now Covid-19 has […]

OneSky Virtual Book Club: Author Lisa See Connects Us with Humanity

 An online book club for OneSky supporters seemed like an idea whose time had come, and you agreed – […]