OneSky Virtual Book Club: Author Lisa See Connects Us with Humanity

An online book club for OneSky supporters seemed like an idea whose time had come, and you agreed – over 250 readers tuned in to hear from best-selling author Lisa See.

The author talked about one of her more recent books, The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane, a novel that explores the lives of a Chinese mother and her daughter, who has been adopted by an American couple.

In current circumstances, the powerful tale of family and separation seemed especially poignant as did the coming together of OneSky friends.

“I personally love books where you open them up and step into another world, another culture, another time period,” Lisa told her online audience. “You’re turning the pages, because you want to know if the guy is going to get the girl or who the murderer is or whatever the plot is. But along the way you’re connecting to characters whether real or imagined. What I’m doing is thinking about what would I do in that situation.

“I think what happens when we’re making those connections to characters, real or imagined – we’re connecting to what it means to be human. We’re connecting to what it means to be part of this larger thing we call humanity.”

You can watch the entire book club meeting here.

OneSky Family Mentors working in rural Chinese communities

Lisa has been a long-time friend of OneSky, speaking at local events in New York and California.  This was her first virtual, global event for OneSky.  Our Global Philanthropy Director, Heather Gleason, who organized the event, thanked Lisa once again for lending her talent and bringing together a global community of OneSky supporters for this event.

“Communities are at the heart of OneSky’s work,” said Heather. “They include communities of caregivers in an orphanage or a rural village in China. Internationally it includes trainers coming together to share expertise or family mentors working with parents – all with the shared aim of making children’s lives better.

“This special virtual book club was about OneSky’s supporter community. It was such an honor to spend time in your company with Lisa. Lisa’s writing continues to inspire and remind us of the power of families, communities and, of course, love. Thank you.”