Xingshuo, a Sketching Genius

Meet Xingshuo, our ‘Sketching Genius!’

Xingshuo joined our Youth Services Program in 2011 and it was clear from the start that despite the fact that he had not had any formal art training, he had an incredible amount of talent.

For over a year, I watched as Xingshuo taught himself new skills and practiced his drawing.

Then I decided it was time to hire a private tutor for him.

Xingshuo and his tutor worked together for two hours every week.

His teacher first had Xingshuo draw lots of still life images to practice perspectives and lines.

Then they tackled the one element Xingshuo felt he could not do properly: facial features.

“I could not grasp the proportions!”

Now, after working with his teacher, Xingshuo says: “I am not afraid of drawing human faces and features anymore. I can do it!”

Today, two years later, Xingshuo’s training has paid off. He is majoring in advertising design at a local university and I have no doubt that he has a very successful career ahead of him!