NianNian Learns to Sit and Play!

It is extremely challenging for ten-month-old Niannian to raise his head properly, which makes it difficult for him to sit […]

Feihong, a Confident Girl

When I first met Feihong, she was a small, helpless baby, but in the last two years, I have watched […]

I Want to Tell The Whole World

My name is Li Jiaping. I’ve been a Half the Sky nanny for eleven years and have cared for many […]

Keeping ZiLong Warm

When ZiLong arrived at the China Care Home in March, the nurse checked his body index. He was so tiny […]

My Heartfelt Wish For JingJing

JingJing, who was born with congenital heart disease, was abandoned at 4 months. He was discovered by the police and […]