NianNian Learns to Sit and Play!

It is extremely challenging for ten-month-old Niannian to raise his head properly, which makes it difficult for him to sit and play with friends.

I wanted to help, so I asked his physical therapist for advice. She suggested that I have Niannian sit in a bit of a strange position, with his head leaning to one side over a support beam. She said this would help strengthen his neck and back muscles.

Niannian was not very comfortable in this position, but I stayed with him and entertained him during this time. I also gave him daily massages and accompanied him to all his physical therapy appointments.

I am delighted to tell you that Niannian has made remarkable progress! He is now able to sit up for short periods of time, and can engage in more playtime with the other children.

Good job, Niannian! You are a determined and patient little boy!