An Amazing Young Lady

Yanyan joined our foster family three years ago and is an amazing young lady!

She is 13-years-old and is in sixth grade. She is smart, studious, and applies herself to everything she does. We never have to remind her to do her homework or go to bed on time.

Our daughter is also exceptionally kind. Once, when dad got a cold, she cared for him, brought him his medicine and reminded him to take it on time. Days later, when I caught the same cold, she did the same for me. She even mothered me a little bit. “Mom, you have to take care of yourself, the weather is changing so quickly!”

Yanyan is always looking for ways to be helpful. At the market, she helps carry our purchases. And she is especially kind to her younger sister, who has mobility issues. She teaches her songs and reads to her from her favorite books.

We make sure that Yanyan, in addition to helping others, also takes the time to be a normal teenager. On weekends, she likes to invite her friends over and they practice putting on makeup.

Yanyan is growing up, and we are very proud to be her parents!