Hooray for Dad!

Recently, we took our children out for a walk.

It was a beautiful day and as we walked by a gated housing complex, we heard the noise of children laughing and playing. We followed the noises and saw lots of children splashing in a pool and having a great time.

“Mom, I wish we could go in there and swim with them,” said our oldest son Zhenqiang.

Fupin, who has weaker limbs because he has  cerebral palsy, said sadly: “I want to swim too, but I’m a bit nervous because I don’t know how to swim.” His little brother Fuxi agreed.

But still, the children were mesmerized by the sight of the children swimming. This made me very sad…

All of a sudden, a giant smile crossed my husband’s face and he said: “Ok, let’s go swimming too!”

The children were surprised: “But daddy, the water is so deep here, can we really do it?”

“We don’t need to swim here, we can swim at home,” he answered. “Follow me!”

The children couldn’t bear leaving the pool, but followed dad to a shop that sells swimming gear. Dad bought a small blow-up swimming pool. The kids got excited! “Hooray! Hooray for daddy!” shouted Zhenqiang.

At home, dad blew up the pool and the children got in the water. The were so excited and pretended to swim like little fish in a pond. They kicked their little feet like crazy and got our entire floor soaked, but we didn’t care. We loved seeing our children so happy. It was the perfect summer swim for our family!