Fengwei Aces His High School Entrance Exam

Our foster son Fengwei is 16 years old and has always been a great student; he is very good at […]

Wenfeng’s First Wheat Harvest

Wenfeng is an introverted boy who lives in a small town in eastern China. He likes drawing, playing the piano […]

A 3D Adventure at the Cinema

Recently, we surprised our children and took them out for a very special outing…a trip to the movie theater. When […]

An Amazing Young Lady

Yanyan joined our foster family three years ago and is an amazing young lady! She is 13-years-old and is in […]

Hooray for Dad!

Recently, we took our children out for a walk. It was a beautiful day and as we walked by a […]

Heshan’s First Year in Our Family

Our daughter Heshan joined our foster family more than a year ago, at the age of 3, and when I […]

A Mother and Daughter’s Shared Destiny

Orphaned children have always been part of my life. My mother was the director of a district-level institution. I remember […]

Nickname Woes

Every child in our family has a cute nickname. Giving our children nicknames keeps us close. But sometimes, the nicknames […]

A Little Mommy

Love between sisters can be very powerful. Recently, our 10-year old daughter Jingwei became a big sister and it has […]

I Will Win Next Time!

It was Saturday and the rain just wouldn’t stop. My daughter LiTong went to the window several times. Finally she […]