Fengwei Aces His High School Entrance Exam

Our foster son Fengwei is 16 years old and has always been a great student; he is very good at physics, chemistry and math and often gets the highest marks in the class.

However, he has a great deal of difficulty in English and struggles to pass English exams.

This has been worrying Fengwei immensely since 9th grade since he wants to attend a specific high school in our county. But to be admitted, he will need to pass an English exam and get a competitive score.

So Fengwei asked his teacher for help… she has been extremely helpful and has been giving him extra homework, so he can study at home. She has also been conversing with him in English during the day.

At home, Fengwei has been working very hard also. I often hear him reciting English passages out loud from his books in the morning and at night.

He took his High School Entrance Examination several weeks ago and recently got his score in the mail. He scored 477 points, which is much higher than the minimum admission requirement needed! An admission letter was also included. Fengwei broke into a giant smile when he saw that he got into his choice of high school!

We are very proud of our son and how hard he worked to achieve this goal!