Wenfeng’s First Wheat Harvest

Wenfeng is an introverted boy who lives in a small town in eastern China.

He likes drawing, playing the piano and quiet activities such as reading.

Though he is a 17-year old teenager, Wengfeng does not show much interest in sports or physical activity. But with harvest time coming, and everyone so busy with farm work, Wenfeng wanted to help his foster family. He offered to take care of the wheat, not quite realizing what the work entailed.

When his dad arrived with a truckload of wheat, Wenfeng’s eyes grew wide. He didn’t know where to start and his attempts at shoveling out the wheat from the truck proved exhausting and slow.

Wenfeng’s dad noticed his struggles and came to help by adjusting Wenfeng’s hold on the shovel. “This way, it will require less effort,” he said.

Wenfeng tried and indeed, it was much better. He felt stronger immediately, and was able to accomplish the task much quicker.

Dad then explained the next step. “Spread out the wheat on the ground so the sun can dry it out a little.”

Wenfeng did as instructed, and looked like a professional doing it! Dad was very proud.

At the end of the day, when the work was done, Wenfeng’s dad asked him: “So, what did you learn today?” Wenfeng answered: “That farming work is not so hard as long as you master its tricks. The thing to do is to find smarter ways of doing things. This will make the work go faster.”

Wenfeng had discovered one of the secrets of farm work!