Learning About Trees

Outside our institution, we have a large tree.

I like to take children from our preschool program who struggle with language to visit it. It gives us a chance to practice simple conversation skills.

The other day, I took five of the children outside to visit it.

“What is this, children?” I asked.

“It is a tree, Miss.”

“Yes, you are right. Let’s get to know our tree. How does it feel? Is it smooth or rough when you touch it?”

The children were fascinated. They approached the tree and touched the bark. One child simply pointed and smiled while another answered “rough.”

“Yes, and this is called bark. It’s like the warm coat you wear in the winter. This bark keeps the tree warm in the winter.”

We talked about the roots, and the leaves… it was a great little exercise to let the children discover nature and practice simple words.

The children loved it so much that when we got back in the classroom, we did a craft about trees also. They now hang on our playroom wall.

We are very lucky to have such a wonderful tree to visit near our classroom.