Hope in the new school year

On the national opening day of the new school year, Sept. 5, OneSky’s Early Learning Center (ELC) in Da Nang […]

Learning About Trees

Outside our institution, we have a large tree. I like to take children from our preschool program who struggle with […]

Never Say ‘I Can’t’

It always makes me sad when a child in my care says: “I can’t.” It means that they have lost […]

Li’s Special Book

I am so happy that one special book changed one little boy’s life and brought everyone in our preschool classroom […]

Little Trains and Loudspeakers

Most of the children in our preschool classroom have speech delays, so we have come up with lots of fun […]

Yiou, My Little Angel

Yiou is a six-year-old girl in my Little Sisters Preschool classroom who has made remarkable progress since I first met […]

In BingBing’s Hands

I met BingBing the day she started preschool. All the other children gathered around her and wanted to shake hands […]

A Day in the Countryside

Children who do not live in orphanages can start taking excursions for granted, but our children do not. One day […]

The Joy of Harvest

Standing at the window, I breathed in the cool air that felt so refreshing after the rain. Suddenly, my attention […]

The Best Present I Ever Received

September 10 is Teacher’s Day. It is also the day I first met JiaLin. I will never forget seeing this […]