A 3D Adventure at the Cinema

Recently, we surprised our children and took them out for a very special outing…a trip to the movie theater.

When we arrived, we were each handed a pair of 3D glasses. We settled into our seats; Wuzhi and Yueyue sat next to his dad and I sat with Xiangxiang.

The movie began, and everyone gasped! Everything looked and sounded so real! 3D dinosaurs, a snake and airplanes were flying off the screen and coming right towards us. It felt like they were going to hit us!

I was entertained, but mostly I enjoyed watching the children’s reactions. Each child reacted so differently.

Yueyue was excited and seemed to be whispering or talking to herself in excitement.

Xiangxiang was a bit scared. She hugged me tightly and buried hchiner head in my arm. I helped her take off her 3D glasses, which calmed her.

Wuzhi was unusually quiet—his eyes stayed glued to the screen and his mouth was wide open. He was entirely engrossed in the 3D adventure!

After the movie, we had one more surprise for the children—we took them out to dinner at KFC.

That night, my husband asked the children: “Did everyone have a fun time?”

All the children cheered and answered a resounding “Yes!”