Miaomiao’s First Smile

When we established our Seed Site in Weifang, we met a little girl named Miaomiao.

Miaomiao is blind and she was very withdrawn. She kept to herself, stayed in the corner of the activity room, and if someone tried to approach her, she cried loudly and rubbed her eyes.

Our team knew she needed help, so we worked closely with her new teacher to make sure she gave Miaomiao lots of attention.

Miaomiao and her teacher started going everywhere together. “This is a door, this is an elevator, this is the activity room,” said her teacher. Miaomiao followed and listened quietly.

One day, the teacher accidentally let go of Miaomiao’s hand and Miaomiao burst into tears. Her teacher quickly kneeled down to reassure her. A bond was forming…

Then a few days later, another breakthrough… Miaomiao allowed her teacher to feed her a piece of orange, something she had always rejected firmly. “Is it sour or sweet?” asked the teacher. Miaomiao answered by doing something her teacher had never seen her do before… she smiled!