Children’s Day In Chongqing

To celebrate Children’s Day, our Family Village families in Chongqing gathered for a lively performance.

The main hall was all spruced up for the event with lanterns and decorations, and all were amazed when they saw them!

Children were treated to face painting and makeup and then it was time for the show.

Director Hu walked on stage and welcomed the guests enthusiastically.

He then invited the children to come up, group by group, to perform the songs they had practiced for the occasion.

Parents smiled when they saw their little ones onstage.

The most inspiring song, “Who Said Women Are Inferior to Me?” was sung by older children with special needs.

After the show, there was a special surprise. Three giant cakes were brought out with much fanfare, and the institution leaders happily cut the cakes and offered everyone a piece.

It was a lovely celebration, and a great way for our big, happy family to celebrate together!