A Dairy Farm Visit Topped off by Chocolate Milk!

Some children in our preschool recently got to visit a dairy farm to learn about cows and the milk production process.

All were excited, including the caregivers!

After a short drive, we arrived, were welcomed warmly at the front door and then were led inside for a tour of the facilities.

Children started by visiting a small exhibit that taught them about cows.

Then, they were taken to the cows and shown how milk is collected, and taught how it is processed. The children were very attentive!

They learned the importance of taking good care of the cows and feeding them well, to help them produce more milk.

They even got to feed and pet the cows, including a few cute baby calves.

But the best part was tasting the milk at the end of the visit, especially because they got to pour chocolate sauce into it, to make chocolate milk!

It was a fun, educative and memorable day for all!