ZhiHai, a Curious Student

A day with my sweet little ZhiHai sounds something like this: “What’s that, teacher?”?“What is it for?”?“What does it smell […]

Fruit For My Teacher

Yihao is an 11-year-old boy in our Youth Services Program. In the last few months, I noticed that Yihao spent […]

I Still Believe in Love

Sometimes children are relinquished to the care of the social welfare institution at a later age. In our Youth Services […]

A Bumper Crop for the Children

My husband and I enjoy gardening and are very lucky to have a nice courtyard we can use to teach […]

Yiou, My Little Angel

Yiou is a six-year-old girl in my Little Sisters Preschool classroom who has made remarkable progress since I first met […]