Fruit For My Teacher

Yihao is an 11-year-old boy in our Youth Services Program.

In the last few months, I noticed that Yihao spent a lot of time taking meticulous care of a plant that his foster mother gave him. It sits on the windowsill in our classroom, and he waters it regularly, talks to it, and makes sure it is receiving the proper amount of sunlight. It is now green and growing into a beautiful and strong plant.

One day, I asked him: “Why do you enjoy taking care of your plant?”

He answered:

“Because I believe that it can grow and bear fruit, and when it does, I will give the fruit to my teacher. My teacher is very tired. She has to work during the day and she tutors us at night. I learned from my foster mom that the fruit that is produced by this plant can keep us fit and healthy. I want my teacher to be strong and healthy, so I will give her this fruit so she doesn’t need to take bitter-tasting medicine.”

His answer moved me. He is such a wise and caring boy!