ZhiHai, a Curious Student

A day with my sweet little ZhiHai sounds something like this:

“What’s that, teacher?”?“What is it for?”?“What does it smell like?”?“What is that used for?”?“Can I try?”

ZhiHai is such a curious little boy and always has a million questions for me.

“Why are the bunnies’ ears long?”?“Why do the fish swim in the pond?”?“Would you mind reading me a story?”?“Would you mind reading me another one?”

I am so happy that ZhiHai can express himself so clearly, and I enjoy answering all his questions, and teaching him about the world around him.

And often, asking about things isn’t enough for ZhiHai, he wants to try them too.

“What is that teacher?”?“It’s a scarf,” I answered.?“And what’s that, teacher?”?“It’s a purse,” I answered.?“Can I try them?”?“Of course,” I answered.

So I helped ZhiHai put on the scarf and he took the purse and decided to go for a stroll.

I laughed when I saw ZhiHai with my giant scarf and pink purse, and couldn’t help but reach for my camera to take a picture. He looked so adorable!

I am happy that ZhiHai enjoys learning so much, and as a teacher, I am very grateful to have such a curious boy in my Little Sisters Preschool Classroom.