Paper Airplanes for a Cold Winter’s Night

When the weather turned cold, the whole family started to wear warmer clothes. One Sunday afternoon, Dad said, “It is […]

PengPeng, You Are Fantastic!

I became ZhiPeng’s nanny when he was only 10 days old. My nickname for him is Pengpeng. Every day in […]

A Tough Little Girl Who Never Gives Up

8-year-old HuaMei is full of smiles, but that has not always been the case. Three years ago, during an outdoor […]

I Have Grown Up

TianGe was enrolled in Little Sisters Program in July, 2012. She is one of the youngest children in our class. […]

FuLong’s Story

Huang FuLong studies at a school for the deaf in Huangshi. He is in middle school. He was doing quite […]

Stay With Me, My Baby!

JingYi was enrolled in Infant Nurture Program on Oct. 10th 2010. She was almost one year old when she came […]


Dongdong is a two year old boy from Changzhou Children’s Welfare Institution. He was born with complex heart defect –Tetralogy […]