Stay With Me, My Baby!

JingYi was enrolled in Infant Nurture Program on Oct. 10th 2010.

She was almost one year old when she came to our program. At that time, I could seldom see a smile on her face.

Suffering from congenital cataract on her left eye, she needs extra care from others. Her nanny, Mo, would kiss her and talk to her the first thing when she arrived at work. She would also first take her to have a bath and feed her. When there are new toys sending in, she would bring to JingYi first. Day after day, JingYi has set up strong attachment with Mo. She would look for her every morning and she would follow Mo everywhere. JingYi has also turned from a child who was not interested in any toys to one who is curious abut everything and is good at playing with toys. For example, she is most good at playing building stocks and piling things high. She can sing a lot of songs as well. When she sings, she will dance at the same time. Everyone who has seen her progress would say, “JingYi has changed so much. She is adorable.”

However, good times don’t last long. This October, JingYi’s right eye suddenly became red and swollen. We took her to a big hospital and she was diagnosed as “left retinal tumor and right eye congestion”. This news was like a lightning bolt, which pierced my Mo’s heart. On November 5th, JingYi’s right eye was also diagnosed as tumor. Mo cried sadly at the news, and so did other nannies. Our poor little JingYi, again had to face the cruel fate, which again robbed her of her smiles and songs. We are all aware that tumor causes pain, but JingYi was quiet. She did not even shed a tear. Mo did not and could not give up JingYi. Although after she was diagnosed with tumor, she had to stay in hospital, Mo would hurry to hospital everyday after work and stay with JingYi until she went to sleep.

What awaits JingYi is endless radiotherapy and chemotherapy…

Who can help my poor JingYi- Please help her! Please save her from pain and death! How badly we want to see the innocent smiles on her face again! How much we miss her laughs that sound like silver bells!