I Have Grown Up

TianGe was enrolled in Little Sisters Program in July, 2012.

She is one of the youngest children in our class. She did not know how to put on her shoes, clothes, was lack of the self-care abilities. She even wet her bed then. Based on her situation, I mainly focused on cultivating her self-care ability.

I began by teaching her how to put on pants by herself. TianGe used to put both her legs into one trouser leg and sometimes even tried to take a top as trousers. I told her recognize what pants are, “TianGe, pants has two trouser legs, one for each of your legs. You need to make sure that each leg goes in one trouser leg when you are putting on pants. Understand?”

In addition to teaching her how to put on pants, I also taught her how to put on socks and shoes. I encouraged her to try to do it by herself. At first she made mistakes like putting her right foot in the left shoe, but I did not stop her because I did not want to discourage her confidence and interest. I would praise her when she successfully put them on, then pointed out that she had them in the wrong way. I told her how to tell left and right and now TianGe can quickly and correctly put on her socks and shoes without help.

TianGe loves playing with dolls, especially taking off and putting on clothes for the dolls. Sometimes she could not put the clothes back on after she took them off, and then she would ask me for help. I showed her and also told her the tips. She listened and learned carefully. When she noticed that other children had problem putting on their clothes or shoes, she would help them.

TianGe also learned how to fold clothes. One day, I saw her sitting at her seat, doing something very attentively. I walked to her and saw her buttoning up the clothes before folding them. I was so happy seeing this and praise her.

TianGe is making progress everyday. Noe she can eat by herself, pour and drink water without help. One day I saw her putting her head into a basin. I asked what she was doing, she said, “I am going to wash my hair.” I was surprised, “Really? TianGe you are so clever! You have grown up to be a big girl!” TianGe blushed and smiled to me.

I am so happy to see TianGe making so much progress in self-care skills. I look forward to more of her progress!