Loving Junpeng

Junpeng was just five months old when he entered Half the Sky’s Infant Nurture Program and met Nanny Shang. The […]

A Language all His Own

XiMeng was born with cerebral palsy and one result is that he is very delayed in language development. But that […]

I Have Grown Up

TianGe was enrolled in Little Sisters Program in July, 2012. She is one of the youngest children in our class. […]

Anecdotes about QiuCheng

One: ChengCheng does not have knee bones. One day, when he was chasing balloons with other children, he was so […]

Xiao Yang

Xiao Yang was enrolled in our program on March 12 2012. When I first met her, I found her very […]

JiaXing’s Smiles

It was November of 2011, a handsome boy called JiaXing was enrolled in our program. He was five years old […]

Under the Splendid Sunshine

ShunSheng was sent to our program in 2010. He was very afraid of the strange new environment and people when […]

Touching the Bottom of Each Child’s Heart

At one time, I thought the idea that you could turn into a butterfly was only a fairy tale. Six […]