Field Notes

Five Ways this Amazing Vietnamese Preschool Turns Trash into Toys and More

As Vietnam’s war on trash begins, for these kids, there’s no such thing as single-use plastic.  Suddenly Vietnam’s plastics problem […]

Why it’s Raining Petals in a Tiny Chinese Village

In recent decades many of China’s villages have emptied, with millions of working-age adults heading to fast-growing cities and factory […]

This Vietnamese preschool visiting a supermarket is the cutest thing you’ll see all day (VIDEO)

Surely these children from a very special preschool in Vietnam are the most cheerful supermarket customers ever – as they […]

Leveling the playing field for vulnerable children

OneSky’s work in Da Nang, Vietnam centers on our Early Learning Center which looks after almost 250 children of rural […]

GRADUATION GALLERY: “I’m sad she’s leaving but I’m not worried.”

They are the children of local factory workers. Now they’ve graduated from a groundbreaking preschool with every chance to shine […]

OneSky Visit Inspires Philanthropists in Singapore and Indonesia

Children’s NGO OneSky for all children, currently expanding its work within Asia, recently visited members of the Asia Philanthropy Circle […]

Why these Vietnamese kids are so ready for “big school”

This fall, 42 pupils from OneSky’s Early Learning Center in Da Nang, Vietnam are headed for “big school”. Before that […]

PHOTOS: Like a mother would – the abandoned babies who grew up surrounded by love

Abandoned at an early age, these children in China have never known their biological mothers – but they do know […]

The heartwarming reason a factory visit is so special for these preschoolers

There’s so much that’s different about OneSky’s Early Learning Center in Da Nang, Vietnam, but one detail truly sets it […]