Field Notes

The Coronavirus Silver Lining for China’s Left Behind Children

For many children in China’s rural provinces, Lunar New Year celebrations are the only time they get to see parents. […]

COVID-19: Teachers in Vietnam Missed the Children So Much, they Did Something Truly Amazing

These teachers and caregivers at OneSky’s Early Learning Center (ELC) in Da Nang, Vietnam are among the lucky ones. While […]

COVID-19: The Poignant Message from Mom to Daughter as Schools Stay Closed in Vietnam

“My life has lost a bit of sunshine.” Thuy, a parent at OneSky’s Early Learning Center (ELC) in Da Nang, […]

Working with OneSky has changed the lives of these three amazing women

Their stories are inspirational and now they face the future with optimism, but that wasn’t always the case. Today, Ge, […]

COVID-19: Now our Teacher is on TV!

In China the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak means there has been no school for over a month. Thankfully for these children, […]

#OneSkyHeroes – why I used my yoga gift to help children have a better future

New Jersey-based Yoga instructor Eve Adelson explains why her own experiences meant she wanted to help children born with nothing. […]

OneSky Shortlisted in Top 100 for MacArthur US$100m Grant

OneSky for all children is honored to be shortlisted as a top-100 applicant in the John D. and Catherine T. […]

COVID-19: The Vietnamese Parents Traveling Hundreds of Miles for Childcare

Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) schools are closed but workplaces stay open – so who looks after the children? Most rely […]

China’s “Loving Families” count blessings despite COVID-19 fears.

Older brother Huihui is looking on the bright side as coronavirus (COVID-19) government guidance means school is temporarily closed and […]

OneSky Responds to Coronavirus Outbreak

OneSky is working with staff, partners and local governments to ensure the health and safety of the thousands of children, […]