Voices from OneSky Volunteers light up The Chinese Financial Association Conference

On November 11-12, The Chinese Financial Association (TCFA) held its 2023 Annual Conference, themed “AI Revolution in Finance: Innovations, Insights, and Impacts.” Founded in the U.S. in 1994 and headquartered in New York City, TCFA has over 9,000 members globally and seeks to bring together academics and professionals active in the field of finance to discuss and share the latest developments across the sector. OneSky for all children was invited as a fundraising sponsor, and a group of OneSky volunteers, including Helena Zhang, Vivian Zhang and Ben O’Hara, who were there to provide information and stories of our programs in Asia.

“Throughout my conversations with conference-goers who were interested in OneSky’s mission, I found myself speaking both English and Chinese. It was in those moments of switching between languages that I realized the universality of OneSky’s cause and that our society has truly recognized the mission of helping children as something that transcends language and culture. I think that it is important for every individual to consider the ways in which we can contribute to making the world a more supportive and empowering place for all children.”  Helena Zhang

“During Matt Dalio’s speech on the day prior to the TCFA conference, he shared his personal experience in China as an exchange student. After visiting China again five years later, he was exposed to another side of China when he visited children in orphanages. While listening to his speech, I realized that many of us tend to take opportunities such as education for granted, and it is important to note that not everyone has these opportunities. There are children who live in disadvantaged situations. Despite how dire these children’s situations are, change can still be done: OneSky gives these children the chance to thrive by providing them with care and education, so that they too can reach their full potential. –Vivian Zhang

Working the TCFA conference reinforced for me the importance of OneSky’s work. I enjoyed the opportunity to give back to an organization that gave so much to me in my toddler years when I was in Hefei. The work they continue to do, helping even more children all these years later, is truly inspiring. –Ben O’Hara