An Independent Childcare Provider in Vietnam finds Joy and Hope in OneSky’s Training

Two decades ago, Ms. Net became a childcare provider in the poorest district of Da Nang, Hoa Vang. She and her sister-in-law both had small children of their own to care for, so they decided to welcome in a few other local children to supplement their family income.

Since that time, Ms. Net has devoted time and energy to care for and teach the children in Hoa Vang whose parents head to work in factories and other low-wage jobs each day. Her career has been marked by a genuine, instinctual care for children, since formal training was never an option.

Several years ago, life took a challenging turn for Ms. Net’s family. Her husband, a builder, fell off a scaffold while working and became unable to help support his family; the financial burden now rested solely on Ms. Net’s shoulders. A year later, her youngest child faced a serious health scare, leading to frequent hospital visits. Amid these hardships, an opportunity arose: an invitation to OneSky’s 11-month training course for Independent Childcare Providers.

With support from her OneSky trainer, Ms. Net began transforming the environment where she cared for the children. The once barren room in her home was filled with engaging, hand-made toys and games that she learned to craft through the training. With some financial assistance from OneSky, Ms. Net renovated the outdoor area with age-appropriate equipment and play stations, providing safe activities that kept the children busy and moving. She made the best use of the space to provide safe opportunities for children’s learning and exploring.

The Onesky training went beyond in-person meetings and on-site coaching. OneSky’s online learning platform, IBigFamily, became Ms Net’s sanctuary for learning and sharing. Initially hesitant to speak, she became one of the most engaged students, actively participating in online discussions and contests. When the OneSky Independent Childcare Provider Training concluded, she didn’t stop learning. She eagerly enrolled in the advanced course, OneSky’s Professional Development Training. This advanced curriculum provides graduates with additional knowledge in responsive care and education, as well as expertise in using monitoring tools and systems to improve the quality and management of their independent childcare businesses.

In August of this year, Ms. Net graduated from the Professional Development Training course. She continues to create toys, design activities and provide learning opportunities to engage children in her care, spark their imaginations and nurture their bodies and minds. She now confidently shares her ideas and knowledge with parents and other childcare providers.

Ms. Net and her growing business are a true inspiration to those around her. Her oldest daughter, inspired by her mother’s passion for quality care and early education, is studying at the University of Science and Education, with the dream of becoming a trained primary teacher. She wants to teach with the same big heart as her mom and to touch even more children’s lives with joy and the opportunity to thrive!