One Day in Suburb

How time flies. It was a weekend and my husband and I decided to take the children to my sister’s, […]

A Star is Born

For as long as I can remember, I have lived at the Xiamen Social Welfare Institution. The staff here gave […]

JiaXing’s Smiles

It was November of 2011, a handsome boy called JiaXing was enrolled in our program. He was five years old […]

Spirited LiangLiang

In our infant nurture program we have a very determined little boy we call LiangLiang. When LiangLiang started learning to walk […]

There Will Be a Better Tomorrow

My name is Xin. I am four years old and have a round face with red cheeks. I was abandoned […]

Raising Hope With Love

I became a Special Needs teacher of Half the Sky in the spring of 2011. The children I face are […]

My Heartfelt Wish For JingJing

JingJing, who was born with congenital heart disease, was abandoned at 4 months. He was discovered by the police and […]

ZhongXu and His Math Teacher

ZhongXu had made obvious progress in Math study since he started remedial Math course in our program. His score increased […]

JiWang’s Change, My Greatest Comfort

I am the foster mother of Changzhou CWI Family Village NO.5 Family. Chang JiWang, who is six years old now, […]

Under the Splendid Sunshine

ShunSheng was sent to our program in 2010. He was very afraid of the strange new environment and people when […]