I Have a Dream

My name is FuXing, and I am 19 years old now.

I have a dream-to build a home for all the homeless children.

This thought came out of my mind when I watched a program a couple of days ago, which was about the living place and status of some homeless children. I was very sorry for them and want to help them badly. They had no parents, just like us, but what is different is that they don’t have a loving family as we have now.

When we are sick, we have the loving teacher who would take good care of us; but what about them? Who will take care of them when they are not well? I believe their smiles are the most beautiful things in the world, but now they are hided from poverty, coldness and hunger. I wish I could one day there are no children in this world suffering from discard illness, hunger and coldness. I want them all have a loving family and smile everyday. I wish I could realized my dream sooner.