Surrounded by Her Nanny’s Love

XinYa (“YaYa”) has been in our infant nurture program for several months.

When she first arrived, she could not stop crying. Once I started hugging her and giving her lots of attention she not only stopped crying, her natural curiosity started emerging.

For example, YaYa was very curious when she first saw a toy cell phone. She pushed the buttons on it and listened to its ring. She put the phone next to her ear and speaking into the phone said, “Hello, mom” to pretend she was calling me. I answered, “Hello, it is mom. Is that YaYa calling?” Then I showed her that the phone can be also used as a mirror. She was very surprised to see her own face in the mirror.  YaYa was so intrigued by the toy phone that she played with it for a long time.

Now two years old, my YaYa is a big girl. She seldom cries and I often see smiles on her face. She now knows that she is surrounded by love.