Fengfeng’s Change

Fengfeng has been living in our orphanage for two years, during when I have witnessed many progresses she has made.

Among all the progress, there is one I am very proud of, which is not only because I directly helped her, but she also helped me learn a lot.

To begin the story, I have to start with what Fengfeng was like when she just came to the orphanage. She was bad tempered, rebellious and sometimes lied. Almost all the adolescent symptoms could be found on her. She was not friendly to me at first. She would refuse to talk to me and sometimes to avoid speaking to me by pretending not seeing me. I was worried and thought of many ways to come closer to her.

Finally one day I got my chance. Fengfeng came to me and hand me a letter. She said it was for me and asked me to read it after I went home. I read it on the way back home. The letter was mainly about her not liking me. She did not know why. However, she needed my attention. I thought the whole night about how I should reply to her and how I could open her heart. The next day Fengfeng asked me if I was mad when I read her letter. I said not at all and on the contrary I was glad that we had a start to communicate to each other. I was actually touched by him pointing out things that I had not been doing well enough. I would like to work hard to make friend with her.

At first I avoided talking to her face to face in order to help her feel relaxed. I talked to her via letters or msn. I asked her about her study and help her solve her questions and troubles. Slowly, she began to tell me things other than study, such as interpersonal relationships. I deeply believed in the theory of “never doubt a child”, so at the beginning, although I could easily tell that she was lying and did not really want me to answer all of her questions, I still seriously answered her every question and talked to her from the bottom of my heart. Days passed on until one day, Fengfeng sent me another letter, saying that she would like to accompany her all the time and she had lied to me about some of the things she said. She asked if I could keep a secret for her. I was so comforted and happy seeing that our relationship has stepped forward and she began to trust me and we became intimate. She promised me that she would not lie to me and would study hard to go to college. I was very happy she could become a sunshine girl under my help.

Fengfeng also helped me learn a lot. She made me feel for the first time I am doing valuable job because I am really helping someone. I wish Fengfeng become better and better everyday and I hope I can help more Fengfengs in the future.