Eyes Filled With Wonder

The first time I saw Yuanmeng’s eyes, they were vacant and expressionless. She was new to our Infant Nurture Program […]

How a US Filmmaker Started a Charity to Improve the Care of Orphans in China

  This following article first appeared in the South China Morning Post on May 27, 20014: The dire state of […]

Countdown to our Summer Volunteer Trips!

The countdown is on! In less than a month, our first group of volunteers will be boarding their planes and […]

A Decade of Love

Half the Sky’s community of caregivers recently came together on 1jiaren, our online learning platform in China, to pay tribute […]

Mengjiu the Rock Star

Mengjiu is an adorable baby with a round face and big bright eyes who was born with a severe limb […]

Love and Care: Another Form of Rehabilitation

Imagine a child with cerebral palsy, a child with high muscle tone and limbs so stiff he can barely bend […]

A Little Mommy

Love between sisters can be very powerful. Recently, our 10-year old daughter Jingwei became a big sister and it has […]

A Lesson in Patience

In the summer of 2013, a little girl named HaiXia arrived at our China Care Home. HaiXia won my heart […]

Panda Playgroup Olympics

Olympic fever was in full force at the University of Connecticut this spring! Members of the UConn China Care Club […]

When a touchy-feely approach can work

  WHEN A TOUCHY-FEELY APPROACH CAN WORK The following article originally appeared in the Financial Times on April 1, 2014: […]