A Little Mommy

Love between sisters can be very powerful.

Recently, our 10-year old daughter Jingwei became a big sister and it has changed her.

Before Mingci joined our foster family, Jingwei was mischievous. She was very messy and never put away her toys. But now, Jingwei is more responsible.  She is like a little mommy to Mingci.

Every morning, Jingwei gets up early and takes Mingci outside for some fresh air. Jingwei then helps get her ready for the day. She combs her hair very carefully until it looks perfect, and she fetches Mingci’s toothbrush for her. She then takes Mingci to play or watch TV. She even shares her toys with her, which she never did with her older siblings!

At night, when Mingci doesn’t want to go to sleep, Jingwei rushes to her aide. She sleeps next to her and as I listen in, I can hear Jingwei comforting Mingci by singing her songs. They are developing a very close bond.

Jingwei takes her role as a big sister very seriously and I know that the girls are developing a lifelong friendship!