A Decade of Love

Half the Sky’s community of caregivers recently came together on 1jiaren, our online learning platform in China, to pay tribute to the nannies who have been working with us for 10 years or more.

When we asked them why they chose to stay for so long, here’s what they said:

I love the children here and I don’t want to part from them. I am happy as long as I am with them. – Nanny Zuo Hongmei

My extraordinary experiences with orphaned children have brought me joys that biological mothers would never dream of.  Nanny Zhuang Guiqin

At first I had no idea how to respond when the babies cried, but over time I could instantly tell what they needed from a simple look or a simple gesture from them.  Nanny Zhang Bangju

Nothing makes me happier than seeing the children grow up healthy and find permanent families. When the children become ill and cannot be adopted, it breaks my heart. – Nanny Mo Lihua.

On behalf of the entire Half the Sky community, especially the children themselves, thank you to all our nannies for their ongoing commitment to cuddling, comforting, educating and providing life-changing nurturing care to the children for more than a decade!