A Bumper Crop for the Children

My husband and I enjoy gardening and are very lucky to have a nice courtyard we can use to teach […]

Yiou, My Little Angel

Yiou is a six-year-old girl in my Little Sisters Preschool classroom who has made remarkable progress since I first met […]

Nursing Junru Back to Health

When I met Junru three years ago on his first day in our Infant Nurture Program, he was 8 months […]

An Athlete in the Making

In April of this year, we made a wonderful discovery. Changshan, a 15-year-old boy in our Youth Services program, is […]

How One Social Entrepreneur Saved 100,000 Lives

  How One Social Entrepreneur Saved 100,000 Lives The following article originally appeared in Forbes on October 17, 2014: Jenny […]

A Passion for Empowering Children

Philip Zhang is a senior at Washington University in St. Louis (WashU), who joined the WashU China Care Club two years […]

Special Girl Scout Delivery!

A very special group of Girl Scouts recently reached out to us. Girl Scout Troop 43, from Indianapolis, Indiana, has […]

2014 Youth Services Workshop

This summer, 30 of our Youth Services participants, ranging in ages from 16 to 25, gathered in Beijing for a […]

Friendly Photo Contest!

On a warm summer’s day in July, thirty of our Youth Services participants gathered at the Old Summer Palace, for […]

Nickname Woes

Every child in our family has a cute nickname. Giving our children nicknames keeps us close. But sometimes, the nicknames […]