My Ray of Sunshine

Meet my five-year-old foster daughter Bihua. She is a sweet and lovely girl I have watched thrive in our Family […]

A Bumper Crop for the Children

My husband and I enjoy gardening and are very lucky to have a nice courtyard we can use to teach […]

Yiou, My Little Angel

Yiou is a six-year-old girl in my Little Sisters Preschool classroom who has made remarkable progress since I first met […]

Nickname Woes

Every child in our family has a cute nickname. Giving our children nicknames keeps us close. But sometimes, the nicknames […]

The Magic of a Chiming Triangle

When 3-year-old ZhenTai became part of our family for the first time, I was worried about him. He was frustrated […]

Paper Airplanes for a Cold Winter’s Night

When the weather turned cold, the whole family started to wear warmer clothes. One Sunday afternoon, Dad said, “It is […]