My Ray of Sunshine

Meet my five-year-old foster daughter Bihua.

She is a sweet and lovely girl I have watched thrive in our Family Village home in the last three years.

Bihua has Down syndrome and cannot express herself very well. She can only say a few simple words like ‘mama’ or ‘papa’.

But Bihua expresses herself extremely well in other ways.

She is extremely good at imitating. She can hum songs she hears and paint a beautiful picture of a scene in front of her.

She also loves to dance, especially the Cha-Cha! She puts her little hands in front of her body, makes circular motions, and twists her hips enthusiastically.

She radiates joy and always puts a smile on my face!

And Bihua showers us with love daily.

She is always trying to be helpful and kind to her siblings. She combs her foster brother’s hair for him often, and tucks her foster sister into bed at night.

She has truly embraced family life, and is a model of kindness to us all.

I love my little Bihua. She is my ray of sunshine.