Celebrating ‘Firsts’!

I started working as a Half the Sky nanny one year ago and in the last year, I have grown very close to a little girl in my care called Aixin.

Aixin just recently turned two and has been at the institution since she was approximately 10 days old. Like a new mom, I have enjoyed watching her grow and blossom, and have especially taken pride in all her ‘firsts’.

And there are so many of them that come to mind. For example, the first time she managed to stack seven blocks to make a tower without their falling… she was so proud to show them to me! Or the first time she let me feed her green bean cake as a special treat for Dragon Boat Day. Or the first time she crawled to me…

But two extra special moments come to mind when I think back on the last year.

The first is when I took her outside to see snow for the first time! Her eyes filled with wonder and I could tell that this new experience completely fascinated her. She didn’t know what to do with the snow. She took a handful and rubbed it in her hands! It was magical!

And the second is when I took her to the stairwell to practice climbing stairs. She was scared at first. She froze and wouldn’t move. But soon enough, she gathered all her courage and started climbing the steps, very slowly, one at a time. I was so proud of her!

I will always remember these wonderful moments with Aixin and I hope, as she grows up, that she remembers a few also.