ZhuZhu Goes To School

Although I have never seen my parents, I know that I have received no less love and care than other children do.

At the end of middle school I did not fill out my graduation form correctly because of my carelessness so I was in danger of having to wait to start high school. The director of the orphanage heard this and he was very anxious. He went to many schools and called every person who might be helpful. Many of the staff in the orphanage were also very caring and they all kindly encouraged me. Now I am 17 in vocation school studying to be a chef thanks to help from my Half the Sky mentor.

I have also received so much love and care from my foster mom and dad –they are no different from “real” parents. Sometimes I can’t help feeling sad because they still worry about me. Every time I hear the song “Come Home More Often,” I think of my parents.

I am thankful to everyone who has given me care and help. I will study hard and do not let you down.