Happy Children

Nine children in the institution have taken operation in Beijing and are now back to home, Urumqi.

Their foster mother began to take care of them under the guidance of the doctors and rehabilitation center.

First the foster mother learned to make meals that are nutritious and easy for digestion.

Second she has leanred some familiy nursing knowledge and some rehab training. She exams the wound frequently and washes the clothes and clean the room for the children. In addition, she gives massage to the children and help them practice standing and walking. After a month’s time, the children have recovered a lot and made obvious progress. HuaLin can walk on the ramp with her walking aid while she could not even stand with someone hold her a month ago. GuoHui can walk much faster and steadier. RunLin and ShengGuo can stand against the wall for a long time.

We are thrilled and comforted to see their progress. Their happy faces are the best reward for us.