Youth Service Workshop Day 4

On the morning of August 4, Shao Liangliang, also a participant of this workshop, showed us some tips for computer maintenance.

Liangliang used to be a computer science major and he knows everything about computer! His tips are really useful. For example, we learned that many programs can be shut down especially when temperature is high, or a computer radiator can be employed in summer for releasing the heat.

After Liangliang’s small lecture, we learned that a group of CCC volunteers from America came to join us. Like us, they came from different orphanages of China and then were adopted by American couples. They all hold gratitude and passion for China and Half the Sky and that’s why they participated in a team of fund-raising for the children who need medical help in CCH. We became closer because of our similar background and same color. Volunteers’ sweet smiles and eyes with warmth made us feel we are a family. Some of the YS workshop participants can speak fluent English and some of us were eager to communicate with them and we used gestures and broken English to show our feelings. At some moment, we found we are close like siblings. At noon, we had lunch together and had really nice conversation. We exchanged contact numbers and wanted to keep in touch after going back to our homes.

In the afternoon, we were divided into three groups and asked to do a mini-newsletter for each group. This is also a crucial part for us to display our talents and skills. Interestingly, each of us competed for ideas and exerted effort for their own “babies”. They had a heated discussion about layout, about task-assignment, about editing, etc. To our surprise, Jeffrey also joined us at last when we were showing our “fruits” on the screen. He gave comments and advice after our presentations. Finally, he set three awards, the best color, the best picture and the best layout, and all of the groups got an award of themselves. Everyone was exciting. We are more confident and begin to move our newsletter into a digital format!