Youth Service Workshop Day 5

The confident man shown before us is Frank, a wise, confident, and humorous banker.

His mantra is “follow your own course and let others talk!” He follows his own heart and sticks to his own principles, and I guess this is something ordinary people can hardly get to. But I saw the miracle he made when communicating with him.

Three keys words in Frank’s life:


For Frank, writing traditional, paper-made letters is something that you can enjoy because you can be quiet and think what you want and follow your heart. In this era dominated by efficiency and high speed, snail mails might be old-fashioned but still a way for you to display your inner world feelings.


Frank told a story about charity. Once he was on the flight while reading a book called “A Brief Introduction to American History”. A stewardess from South Africa was so excited to see this book because she had ever read this book in a library sponsored by an American. Frank had an idea of building a library for immigrant workers’ children. He was joyful when seeing the children were eager to read. Obviously, Frank much enjoyed the fulfillment of “empowering them to fish”.


When he was asked how to behave confidently, his lips raised a little bit and said, “firstly, you have to master the whole picture of the matter, and get to crystal clear know what you are going to express, and then you need to overcome the fear of stage fright. He also had a comparison between the western class and Chinese class. Students in Chinese classes usually fear to speak aloud in the class because they are not well-trained when they are young.

In the afternoon, we went to Tiananmen Square and Qianmen because the two places are the best place for people coming to Beijing the first time to visit. Most of the participants really enjoyed the sightseeing although it was really hot outside.

For the last dinner, we had hot pot together. you could not imagine the scene when more than 30 people having hot pot together, it is really fantastic. The dinner is really delicious and we enjoyed the food very much. for the last part, we prepared a surprise for Wang Zhao and Mengnv, because it is their birthday today! Without letting them know, we stealthily ordered a big birthday cake and two presents for them. They were really surprised when seeing what we do for them.

Happy time always fleets quickly, but good memories will haunt us forever. We will never forget this wonderful Beijing tears full of joy and tears! See you guys next year!