Two Jumping Brothers & A Jumping Fish

The families at the Hefei CWI recently enjoyed a day at a nearby park.

As they walked from the institution, the children couldn’t contain their excitement.

When they arrived, they were amazed to see rocks in many different shapes.

One of the children, Fangbo, immediately climbed on top of one of the rocks, made a silly pose and yelled, “Mom! Come take a picture of me!”

Then he jumped down, grabbed his brother Fangchao in a big bear hug, and said, “Mom, take another one!” They were so happy!

Then, past the rocks, were the pavilions surrounding beautiful Lake Bandao where the children enjoyed spectacular water views.

Suddenly two brothers, Jiewei and Ziyi, heard a noise and together shouted, “A fish!”

They were yelling and, like the fish, jumping up and down while pointing to the water.

Soon all the children had gathered —it was their first time ever to see a fish jumping in a lake!