Rain rain come again – little Yufei wants to learn

How a rainstorm in China became a lesson for orphanage preschoolers

Yufei was first to notice it.

It’s raining!

Why does it rain? What does it feel like? When will it stop?

Lessons paused and teachers decided the best way to learn would be for the children to experience the rain for themselves.

Yufei led the charge outside.

These are amazing children. Most were abandoned as babies. In the past such children commonly suffered development problems due to a lack of love, fun and learning. They were never held, they didn’t learn, they didn’t ask questions.

OneSky trained early childhood educators blend responsive care with local kindergarten standards. Their care is designed to prepare the children to develop intellectual curiosity and a love of learning, succeed in community schools, and attain a positive sense of self so often missing in institutionalized children.

This environment of love, hugs and happiness means these children grow up attentive and engaged and knowing how to form relationships.

Soon it was time to go inside. But, it being rainy season, teachers promised the children they could splash in the puddles again soon.

But first, Yufei wanted to catch just a few more drops.

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