Meet the Future — Babu!


ut, of course, OneSky believes there’s hope for every child. A few months ago, one of our longtime supporters invited us meet the children of Ulaanbaatar’s (Mongolia’s capital city) “ger” districts. Gers are what we might think of as yurts, small circular huts that serve as portable homes for people on the move. Sadly, many thousands of nomadic families now squat in massive, permanent encampments surrounding the city. They have no plumbing or running water or paved roads. But even worse, work is scarce. Mongolia’s government struggles to educate and help families care for the children. But as always, it is the youngest who fall through the cracks. The children’s needs are simple. They need the kind of loving care and early education OneSky knows how to deliver. With our generous donor’s support, we will launch a small pilot program in October, to demonstrate just how simple and inexpensive it can be to turn young lives around.

The future belongs to Babu* too. We’ll keep you posted as we work to make that future brighter.

With love and thanks,


*To protect the privacy of the children we serve, when we tell their stories, OneSky uses pseudonyms.

The Facts About Toddlers

  • By 18 months, toddlers are learning a new word every two waking hours. [1]
  • Toddlers learn appropriate behavior by watching those around them. Social interaction increases the speed and accuracy of learning. [2]
  • Small children whose parents talk to them frequently know 300 more words by age 2 those whose parents rarely speak to them. [3]
  • The average toddler takes around 176 steps each minute. [4]
  • Toddlers use as much energy per day as a grown adult would if she ran for 30 miles (48 kms). [5]

The OneSky Approach

Little Kids … The Best Investment You Can Make