OneSky’s caregiver training receives global recognition for innovative approach to teacher development

OneSky’s blended learning approach to training caregivers has been recognized as a leading global education solution effectively using technology to improve the professional development of teachers, at scale.

The Teachers for a Changing World Spotlight, an initiative of the World Bank and HundrED, a global nonprofit platform highlighting innovations in education, selected OneSky as one of the top ten teacher professional development initiatives out of over 400 contenders from 80 countries.

The OneSky Approach, including classroom training, hands-on mentoring by early childhood specialists, and continuing education through a mobile-friendly, local language online learning platform, is helping to upskill and build networks of early childhood educators and childcare providers.

Over the last two decades, working with governments and communities, OneSky has trained more than 60,000 child caregivers in China, Mongolia, and Vietnam.

Our online learning platform, 1BigFamily, established more than a decade ago, has enabled OneSky to scale its training to caregivers in remote locations, ensuring ongoing teacher development through videos and online forums, building communities of care for vulnerable children.

OneSky Chief Executive, Morgan Lance, said: “Recognition as one of the leading global initiatives in teacher professional development is testament to the dedication and passion of our program development and training staff.”

“Over many years, they have built online communities of professional caregivers who are providing life-changing early care for vulnerable children across Asia.”

OneSky Chief Program Officer, Alice Wong, Ph.D. said: “Our goal is to provide the highest quality of care to vulnerable children. This requires continuous refinement and adaptation of our early childhood development training, as well as passionate trainers who are deeply committed to enhancing the knowledge and skills of child caregivers.”

“Technology has enabled us to scale our training programs over the years, ensuring greater impact and reach, as well as the ability to sustain the quality of our training. During Covid, in particular, our online community of caregivers became even more active in sharing experiences in caring for vulnerable children during lockdown.”

The 400+ innovations were reviewed by 51 education experts from around the world who submitted nearly 900 reviews of the shortlisted innovations.

An Academy Member said of OneSky: “OneSky’s system-level approach to the problem of childcare – by tackling the lack of resources and training for mothers and caregivers – makes this a high score on my impact scale, as it’s not just helping one target user group but also its most directly adjacent one.”

The report, Spotlight Teachers for a Changing World, will be launched to education leaders, policymakers, and teachers around the world and contributes both to the World Bank Group goal of eliminating Learning Poverty and HundrED’s mission of helping every child to flourish in life.

Read the report.

Further recognition by HundrED
OneSky was also one of ten organizations selected in HundrED’s 2021 report Spotlight: Parental Engagement for its innovative approach to engage parents of vulnerable young children in China, Vietnam, Mongolia, and Hong Kong, SAR. This report is a collaboration of HundrED, Kidsburgh, IDEO, and the Center for Universal Education (CUE) at the Brookings Institution.